David Guba hails from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, and lives in Albuquerque, NM with his wife and three daughters, a sassy English Bulldog and a sassier cat, and 6 chickens, one of which David has named “Eggy Olson from Mad Hen.” He is the author of the poetry chapbook Dravet Syndrome Blues, a forthcoming fabulist literary fiction short story collection Chicken Coop & Other Stories, and the comic book series Negus. He is currently working towards a BA in creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University, to be conferred December 2017, and will pursue a MA afterward. Upon receipt of his Master’s degree, he will insist on being adressed as “Dark Magister of the Arts.” His writing has appeared on The Good Men Project, Slate, The Penmen Review, and The Daily Dot. He enjoys martial arts and cooking, and is a veteran of zines, punk rock, hip hop, spoken word, radio, and stage, all of which inflect his experience and writing. He can be emailed at ddguba@gmail.com.